Lonely Isle


This oil on canvas was among my first paintings in the year about 1999. With paints of blue and white, I used my palette knife to create the snow capped mountains. With a thick bristled brush, I blended the blue and white and gently swept across the base of the mountains to create the soft mist enveloping the mountains at their base. This is artist grade oils on canvas. Today it is framed and hangs in our granddaughter’s new home. Previously she worked in a Christian camp for families among the mountains of Colorado, and the painting reminded her of the mountains there. So it was presented to her as a gift, and I feel so proud that it has a place and has brought her joy to have it in her home.

The lonely isle in the foreground reminds each of us that a place of solitude can be a  beautiful time for each of us. We all need a time to pull away from the noisiness  of the world, to get alone to unwind and reflect, and then we are so much the better when we return to the busyness that we find about us in our day to day lives.

© copyright 1999 Rosie Barnett Foshee


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