Masterpieces of The Master Artist



It’s all about Him! As we read through the Old Testament, we fail to see so much of Jesus. So I want to bring each one of us to view the Old Testament with the eyes of an artist. As we read through our Bibles, we fail to take time to think over what we have just read and seen through the pages of the Old Testament. We must look at the Old Testament, read and study it in light of the New Testament. All through the Old Testament, from creation through Malachi, He is in the shadows. But if we look at, read and study much of the New Testament along with the Old Testament, light begins to fall over the shadows and we get a clearer picture of Jesus as we may have never seen before. It will be an exciting journey through the pages of the Old Testament, and I invite you to join with me through the paths the Old Testament will take us.

© 2016 Rosie Barnett Foshee


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