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Rosie Foshee with "Pop"

Rosie Barnett Foshee with “Pop.”

I refer to my husband of 52+ years as “Pop.” He has been in church all his life. He taught the youth boys in his younger years, and later a men’s, now a senior men’s class, and in all has taught for approximately 45 years.

I was not brought up in church, and became a Christian in 1966 when I was 21. I taught nursery, preschool, and then later youth girls in my twenties. Our family moved and we found another church, and in my early thirties, I taught nursery, preschool, and worked in Christian based childcare. In my mid-thirties, we had classes in our church teaching us how to study the Bible, and I put into practice the things I learned in my personal Bible studies. I was finally encouraged to teach a ladies class. This thought had never entered my mind, and if I had not been encouraged, I don’t think it would have ever entered my mind. And in my mid-thirties through mid-fifties I taught a younger women’s class and later a senior women’s class.

The Lord will perfect that which concerneth me. Psalm 138:8 KJV

I claim the promise of Psalm 138:8, when I say, I am an artist and writer. I am not what I am, except for what the Lord has enabled me. God has inspired in my heart a desire for art and to write.

Jesus used parables of things and persons his followers would have been familiar with, along with His teachings, as visual illustrations to implant and embed the Word of God in the hearts of those who listened to His teachings.

Artists can use their works of art, along with the study and writings of the Bible, to provide a visual illustration, to implant and embed the Word of God within our hearts. As I view my works of art, not only will they bring beauty into the home, I am reminded of the things I have studied in God’s Word.

I was in junior high when I first showed interest in art. I took an art class and in another class I was always drawing. As an adult art was left on the back burner. Along with raising our own 3 girls, I was a caregiver in our home for my Dad 12+ years. While I cared for my Dad, I also did childcare for family, friends and neighbors. Hours were 7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. 5 days a week.  After my Dad was taken home, both of my husband’s parents moved in with us. After Papaw went home, we began to travel, but when home, we had Mamaw for the following 11 years.

Now that my nest is empty, today, I am an aspiring Christian artist and writer. I find inspiration in the Word of God and in His world about me for my paintings and writings.



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Always begin your studies with the prayer of the Psalmist; make the prayer personal, your own, “Open Thou Mine Eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of Thy Law.” Psalm 119:18

We are looking forward to this wondrous sight-seeing journey with all who wish to join us as we make our way through God’s Word. Check out our page an “Unending Journey,” for more preparation for our Bible study.

“Grace be with you all.” Hebrews 13:25

Rosie Barnett Foshee

©2015 Copyright Rosie Barnett Foshee All Rights Reserved

Lake Marion, South Carolina 2014

Lake Marion, South Carolina 2014


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